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You’d be surprised at what you can find at an animal shelter, from cats and dogs to rabbits and more. The benefits are numerous and most rewarding.

Animal shelters like the NYC area shelters aim to find loving animals permanent homes, as well as provide you or your family a pet suitable for your life style and environment. The NYC area shelters have loving pets waiting to provide friendship, loyalty, and a smile on your face.

How do they end up at the shelter?

Animals aren’t in shelters because they are bad pets to have, but weren’t in the best circumstances for them. There are pets that are lost every day that have no collar or micro chip and never find their way home due to this.

There are pets that due to the economy are homeless due to people not being able to provide for them or had to move and aren’t allowed pets, lack of reproduction prevention. Some are even there due to lack of responsibility.

Pets are a lifetime commitment and some people don’t take this into consideration.

Keeping your new dog happy and safe

Your dog is a city dog and that’s fine, but do you know how to keep him safe and happy at all times of year? Whether you’re at Marine Park or Central Park there are a few considerations you should keep in mind when owning a dog in the city:

  • Keep Vaccination Records Handy: Particularly if you’re planning on taking your dog to a dog park, keep a collar tag or paper print outs ready. That way, if your dog is in an altercation or even wants to play with a skittish owner you’ve got proof he’s vaccinated.
  • Get a Good 24-Hour Vet: They’re located all over town (use your internet to find one in your area) and it’s as easy as storing a number in your phone. If there’s an emergency you don’t want to waste precious time looking up directions.
  • Manage Foot Care: Your dog’s feet are going to be far more tattered than that of a suburban dog so you need to take more care. Ask the groomer to condition and file and take it upon yourself to check your dog’s feet each night for debris or anything toxic.

Keeping your dog healthy

Like every human, dogs need proper nutrition to keep them healthy and feeling great. But with so many different products and treats available, how do you know what’s best for your furry friend?

First, there’s the choice between wet and dry food. For the most part, it really depends upon your dog’s preferences. Dry food tends to be cheaper as there is no moisture. The nutrients are also more concentrating, meaning that your furry pal will eat less.

 It is also important to keep in mind that wet food is higher in proteins and fats, while dry food contains more starches and other carbohydrates.

Many pet owners feed their pets too much. The guidelines on your chosen pet foods is often the best place to start, though it should be noted that many of these guidelines overestimate the proper amount of food. If your dog has noticeable fat deposits at the base of the tail or on its back and you cannot feel its ribs, you may be feeding him too much. If you can see his ribs, you may not be feeding him enough.

Finally, how often you feed your dog is also important for proper nutrition. After six months of age, dogs should be feed twice each day. Puppies younger than six months should be fed three times each day.

One big happy family

Both your children and your pets are very special to you, and you love them an incredible amount. As a result, you want them to get along with each other. They can, and many children and pets become best friends. However, you need to make sure you are watching their interactions.

Sometimes, children do not understand how delicate an animal can be. They might swing the pet by the tail or hit it. They also might play too rough with the dog, cat or other animal.

Children do not automatically understand the rules by themselves; you need to teach them.

When a child is playing too roughly with a pet, the animal might react. This reaction could come in the form of a gentle swat, or it could be a dangerous bite. Sometimes, other factors cause animals to bite as well. Pets could accidentally knock into your children as well.

Children also must be watched if they are taking the pet outside. Once again, they may not understand how to properly hold a leash. You do no want your precious pet to run away. Ultimately, when you want your pet and children to be friends, you need to take some precautions.


For dog-lovers looking for a little supplementary income, or perhaps just a great way to get some exercise and an extra handful of walking around cash, dog walking can not only serve as a hobby but a job. And, considering unemployment figures over the past few years, any work is hard to come by.

Though dog walking may not provide a comfortably liveable income, for students, individuals who work during non-daylight hours, families or those with a partner earning the lions-share, it can be a great way to make some extra money. Of course, getting started can be tricky, if you don’t know any dogs besides your own.

The following steps should have you well on your way:

  1. Self-assessment

Do you feel in control dogs of all sizes? Can you handle a larger posse of dogs at once or are you only able to walk one or two dogs at a time? You will need to figure out the answers to these types of questions before you find yourself in over your head, with dogs walking you rather than the other way around.


  1. Get supplies

The one or two leashes you have for your own dog will not suffice if you intend on walking more than one dog. Not to mention, it’s best to have a few backups on hand in case your go-to leash is lost or misplaced, in order to ensure you won’t lose any business or sour client relations with a missed appointment. A stockpile of various treats can also be a dog walker’s best friend.


  1. Network

Be on the lookout for families to help or dog-centric groups you can join or attend with your pup, as this can be a great way to get to know fellow dog owners, if you don’t already. If you live in an apartment complex or residential community, check with the office to see if they know of any residents in need of dog walking services. Putting up fliers in your local dog park and surrounding area certainly never hurts either.


Get walking!

Dog walking is great exercise for both dogs and dog lovers, however for new owners it can be a challenge, particularly if your dog is a larger breed. For smaller framed individuals with plus size pups, it can be tough to maintain effective control in the event the dog sees something he or she desperately wants to see.

You want to walk your dog in a manner that is safe for you, your dog and other people/animals you might pass along the way, whether simply going out for a jog in your neighborhood or making your way down to Marine Park.

Use a fixed leash

Extendable leashes may seem like a bright idea, making it easier for owners to let dogs roam at will, but if control is your central concern, be advised a fixed leash is a much more secure option.

Extendable leashes place inertia in your dog’s favor, as it will be much tougher to navigate your dog once it has a running start. Furthermore, for owners who maybe lapse in attention from time to time, an extendable leash allows a dog to be in full motion up to the point where the leash ends, giving the dog walker little notice before the leash is ripped from his or her unsuspecting hands.

Stay in front of your dog

This is an easy mistake many newbies make as it’s easy to let an excited dog lead the way during his exercise time, but remember dogs are by nature pack animals. Letting your dog play leader will instinctively give it the impression that it’s now in charge, making it less likely to bend to your will, even in instances you are looking out for its safety.

Bring treats

A little reward for walking the right way is never a bad thing, and positive reinforcement of good behavior has been an effective training technique since the beginning of man’s best friendship. Treats may no longer be necessary once solid walking habits are established, however at the onset, new walkers should have a trick or two up their sleeve.

On the leash or off the leash

Dogs and parks go together like peanut butter and jelly. Dog owners in urban areas are quick to find a park or two that they and their dog can enjoy. One of the best ways to ensure enjoyment of a dog-friendly park is to make certain that you are obeying all rules and regulations regarding dogs.

This means that you should never take your dog to the park unless all vaccinations are in order, you should refrain from bringing dogs that are known to be aggressive with people or other animals, and you must obey all leash laws that are applicable to the particular park you are visiting.

Marine Park - NYC

Marine Park has four areas that have rules particularly pertaining to dogs. Most areas of the park are labeled as being permissible for dogs that are on or off leash.

You must have control over your dog at all times, the dog must have a current license, and you must carry proof of rabies vaccination with you. Areas such as the ball fields, Natural Areas, and playgrounds do not allow dogs at all, either on or off leash.

As always, you should be certain that your dog has been properly socialized to other dogs and children before allowing them to romp about off leash at any dog friendly park.

When you get to the dog park make sure that you are watching for bulletins telling you the rules and expectations for the area. Most dog parks have designated areas that are clearly marked for how they are to be used. You need to adhere to these guidelines or you may be jeopardizing the parks sustainability.
Such as:

Be aware that within a dog park there are some areas that dogs are not allowed, along with some areas that require the dog to be on a leash. Then there are the dog runs, this is a fenced in area that owners can take the leash off the dog and allow them to run free. Lastly, you may see some areas that are designated as to being off-leash. Keep in mind that you will have to maintain control of your dog at all times when in these areas.

There are a few pieces of documentation that you will have to have handy in case you are questioned. One thing you will need is to have your license for the dog along. The other piece of paper that is important is proof that the dog is up to date on his rabies vaccinations.

Pet friendly hangouts in NYC

There are a number of pet friendly hangouts throughout the metro NYC are, these locations are very popular among the pet owners who take their pets to them. There are a number of various activities, and fun locations you may not have thought of.

You would want a friendly hangout for your pet, that you could possibly visit after a nice walk with your pet. What are some of these places and what makes them pet friendly exactly? They aren’t all locations for just your pets, they are for you, the owner as well, which is one of the reasons they are so popular.

Want more?

There are pet friendly restaurants, bars and pet spas.

  • Some of the popular bars include 119 bar and the ACE bar, which both feature a pool for your dog to swim in.
  • The Iron Gate Cafe is also pet friendly, where you can bring your pet with you if you are having lunch or a snack outside on the patio.
  • Your pets are also welcome at Hunt Country Winery, which is a pet friendly winery. Good for all of you that like to have a glass of wine, or those of you that think you may like to go on a winery tour.

One of the greatest pleasures of pet ownership is that there is a real companion always available to walk anywhere and anytime for any reason. Dog walking is not only great exercise, but a wonderful stress reducer and a great way to meet other pet owners as well. It happens more than you think that a great romance and friendship started on a day in the park, walking the dog.

For those embarking on pet ownership, it would be a great idea to start at the local pet adoption agencies in New York. Those such as Animal Care and Control, Mighty Mutts, and Golden Retriever Rescue are good places to begin to find that faithful and loyal animal friend. From there, careful training and overall care will be well rewarded.

For the avid dog walker, it is best to carry a “pooper scooper” and plastic bag along for the walks. It is also recommended to take two leashes in the event that one should break suddenly, and seek out pet friendly parks and walking venues that will make the experience more enjoyable.

Marine Park in Brooklyn, NY is a great place for walking the dog. It has a beautiful flora and fauna walking trail, lots of places to stop and simply appreciate, and it is indeed pet friendly.


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